Another day, another Batman 3 rumor. But this one actually comes with an intriguing bit of character gossip that should keep Batman fans guessing and talking for weeks to come.

Deadline Hollywood Daily has posted a list of actresses Christopher Nolan will be meeting with for Batman 3.  Names aren’t news, but who they are being considered for is. DHD alleges that there are two female roles to be cast: a new love interest for Bruce Wayne and a villain.

Fans have been clamoring for Catwoman since the credits rolled on The Dark Knight.  Will she be the villainess of the picture?  Or will Nolan go for the grand thematic arch, and bring on Talia Al’Ghul?

What’s curious is that both Talia and Catwoman are recurring love interests for Batman. I’m secretly hoping there’s been some deliberate misinformation to DHD, and it’s a dual role rather than two separate roles.

Nevertheless, there are some “real world” girlfriends that Nolan could write in.  Julie Madison, Vicki Vale, Sasha Bordeaux, and Lorna Shore have all popped in and out of Bruce’s bed, and they’d all work as a substitute for Rachel.

Perhaps the list of leading ladies will help. Nolan is purportedly meeting with Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley, Anne Hathaway, Naomi Watts, Rachel Weisz and Blake Lively. 

A wide range of looks, a wide range of ages. Take your pick, and make your guesses.