align="Right" border="0" height="444" width="300"/>Has it really been almost a year to the day that a trailer for Season of the Witch was released? Why, yes it has.

the delay in the film’s release to next January (it was supposed to hit
this March) means that it’s time for a refresher. This time around
they’re leaning less on the horror feel and more on the big, silly
action set-pieces, complete with chugga chugga metal guitar riffs.

the film Nic Cage is a 14th century Crusader who spreads the good word
of the book by hacking people to pieces, and returns to his home that’s
been ravaged by the Black Plague. Of course, witches are the likely
culprit, and Cage is tasked (along with his buddy Ron Perlman) to
transport an accused witch (Claire Foy, who weighs the same as a duck)
to some abbey where monks will exorcise her or something.

Head on over to Apple trailers to check it out, and wish that Ron Perlman were in more films.

2011 will be a big year for Cage and his supernatural coiffe, as he’ll first be slaying witches and then breaking out of hell.

Thanks to Brian for the heads up.