Phillip Noyce has made some interesting films in his time, from generic fare like The Saint (guilty pleasure) to more socially conscious material (the acclaimed Rabbit-Proof Fence). Now Deadline is reporting that the Australian director is in negotiations to helm Timeless, a spec script that was just purchased by Relativity Media.

If made, Timeless would be about a newlywed man whose wife suddenly dies and leaves him a fortune. Apparently there’s some issue between he and his wife that was never resolved while she lived, and it tears at him to the point that he invests the money in the development of a time travel device so that he can see her again.

There’s no word on how serious the tone will be, but it’s worth noting that Bill Kelly, the man who wrote both Enchanted and Blast from the Past, is the author of the spec, so don’t be surprised if it maintains the same whimsical feel of those two. He also sired Sandra Bullock’s Premonition, but the less said about that the better.