Wes Anderson is set to travel back to the 1960’s with his next film, Moon Rise Kingdom.  It’ll be the tale of two young lovers who secretly run away from their small New England town, which causes the population to think they’ve disappeared and go out in search of them.

As usual with a Wes Anderson film the cast he’s assembling is looking great: Edward Norton is playing a scout leader who takes all of the boys in his group on the search with him. Bill Murray is the missing girls’ father, while Francis McDormand is the mother, and Bruce Willis is in negotiations to play the town sheriff who’s having an affair with McDormand’s character. Tilda Swinton is also in talks to join the film, but it’s not clear who she’s playing yet.

They’re scheduled to start filming early next spring with Anderson directing and writing along with his Darjeeling Limited cohort Roman Coppola (it’s a veritable reunion with Scott Rudin also producing). While none of the cast is “officially” signed I’ll be surprised if any one of these actors doesn’t appear in the movie. Anderson’s films are weird and glorious but not for everyone, although it’s always a good day whenever he decides to make a new movie.