Star Trek (2009) was high profile movie that was highly anticipated. However, with talk and eventual decision of moving the opening day back from December to May, some of the buzz was beginning to wear off, and the questions started to roll in. Why are they moving the date back? Is the movie unfinished? Is it not good? Is it really only for monetary reasons?

What J.J. Abrams needed was a kick start to get the buzz ball rolling again. And did he ever deliver. In my opinion one of the best cut trailers ever to date. When I saw this trailer in the theatre, I was immeadiately ready to see the film. In fact, I forgot I was there to see Watchmen. My mind was completely blown away by the editing of the visuals with the trailer music. It still gives me chills when I watch this trailer.

If anyone is interested, Two Steps From Hell has recently released an album named “Invincible“. The track “Freedom Fighters” is the music that is used in the Star Trek trailer.

And now here below, the trailer…