If you enjoyed Night at the Museum from 20th Century Fox, then maybe you’d love The Magic Kingdom from Disney.

It’s the same idea: objects that should be inanimate instead come to life, and in The Magic Kingdom‘s case it’s the theme park attractions that do the living. I read elsewhere someone comparing the idea to Westworld, but that isn’t really a fair comparison. In that case the attractions didn’t come to life as much as they went haywire and started killing. Obviously that won’t be the case with Kingdom.

The good news is that Jon Favreau is in negotiations to direct, so if he can get it done you can expect it to be top notch. He’s shown once before how capable he is of reanimating toys and figures, which he did in Zathura, and with a bigger budget and larger production The Magic Kingdom could be a great bit of eye candy. Although, with Favreau potentially attached the possibility of it being more than that increases.