The first official image from Jason Segel’s Muppet movie hit the net this week, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.  We didn’t post it initially because the only version kicking around was a ugly scan with a big 2-page split down the middle.

But now we have a clean one! Hooray! And it may be just what your midweek slump ordered. It’s been a long time since we saw the Muppets together in their old theater. If he accomplishes nothing else in his life but reviving Jim Henson’s creations, Segel must be lionized.  Give the man anything he desires. He will have done something good for the world.

This image also introduces the newest Muppet, Walter. He’s the smiley fellow with the iPhone. He’s Segel’s roommate in the film, and helps him reunite the old gang. I actually thought it was Segel as a Muppet, though.

The full image is below. 

[via Latino Review. Higher res version found on Stitch Kingdom]