Anchor Bay has announced that Moonstone Entertainment has plans to bring back The Howling series. What would have been the best werewolf movie of all time (if only those Americans had stayed off the moors…) continued with six sequels of dubious quality, with the seventh installment hitting in 1995. So why shouldn’t it be time for an eighth?
The Howling: Reborn will be a completely new Howling story, written and directed by one Joe Nimzinki, who according to imdb has only a single episode of The Outer Limits under his belt.
“It is Joe Nimziki’s drive, creative vision and execution that has taken this franchise to the next level,” commented Etchie Stroh, CEO of Moonstone Entertainment, in a press release.  “Joe [has] worked very hard to make sure the film reaches an even wider demographic while preserving the original storyline.”

Anchor Bay has rights to all English speaking territories for the film. Could it finally be the werewolf’s time to shine? Every time it looks like they’re going to have a big resurgence that rivals the popularity of vampires and werewolves we get a Cursed or Skinwalkers and the whole thing (rightfully) collapses.
If you haven’t seen the original, Joe Dante directed it and it’s absolutely fantastic. Get on that.