I know our strapping male readership will immediately sneer at something so girly and gushy as Jane Eyre. The Bronte Sisters — that’s what chicks read.  It’s, like, the Twilight of English majors.

Not all of you feel that way, of course.  (Not all of you are dudes, either. But CHUD draws smart girls who won’t have to be sold on a Bronte adaptation.) But many of you will.  I read the comments, I know the tone, and I also know this Jane Eyre trailer will tap into that macho part of your souls.   Because there’s fire, and Michael Fassbender, and Gothic horror.  Even if you know The Big Secret undermining the love affair, a good director can still get under your skin with the whispers, screams, and threats in the dark.

It looks like Cary Fukunaga is that director, too.  From the new Yahoo! Movies trailer, it’s clear he’s given this adaptation a lean and mean approach.  The casting is top notch (Mia Wasikowska has been well scrubbed of her prettiness), the sets are suitably cold and misty, and it’s anguished without being theatrical.  It’s quite masculine in its marketing, too, with a lot of shots of running, screaming, and infernos. There’s a few nods to the romance, but much more focus on the inner torment of everyone at Thornfield Hall.

Watch it.  I guarantee you’ll be sold, if only because he used Suspira in the trailer. (Thanks to our site brother Russ Fischer for that brilliant observation.)