Hey you! Adult! Like The Simpsons? Like toys?

Thought so.

CHUD is happy to add some more plastic to that shelf of film and TV dolls SORRY, figurines you have in your favorite room. Thanks to KidRobot, in celebration of their new line of Simpson’s mini’s,
CHUD has five sets to give away to lucky chewers. These sets come in
blind boxes (meaning you don’t know what you get until you open it) and
each figure has its own ratio that makes it more or less rare. KidRobot
will also sometimes include crazy goodies like figures that aren’t
announced, or even handmade pieces from famous artists! So who knows
what wonderful delight you may unwrap with your set, but whatever it is,
CHUD will be happy to bring it to you.

first set was very successful, and the new series brings new supporting
characters and new variations to the mix (including zombie variants).

For your chance at one of these sets, do the following…

1) Send an email to this link (make sure the subject stays SimpsonsContest).

2) Include in that email your name and address

3) Give me your best guess for how many seasons The Simpsons will run.

4) In paint, photoshop, on a napkin that you take a picture of… whatever
draw me a line chart that details the quality vs. season of The
Simpsons for all 22 seasons of the show. Creative units of measurement,
color, etc will all be taken into account, but this doesn’t have to be
pro or anything- effort is the key.

5) BONUS: Tweet or share on facebook one of the following articles and send me a screencap proving you did so (PrntScn on PC, ⌘+Shft+4 on a Mac for selection).

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Good luck!