It’s amazing how apathetic I’ve been towards the Chronicles of Narnia series. C.S. Lewis’s books were favorites of mine as a kid, but after that first film installment it was easy to give up hope that anything good would come of this series. It looked nice, sure, but it felt hollow. No excitement was to be found anywhere in its overly long running time, a sad product of a world comprised of glossy CGI. Hell, the cheesy 1988 BBC television adaptation was more effective.

In any case the third film is finally limping its way to theaters, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, (that that, marquee letterers!) and it certainly looks like it’s got better graphics this time.

Notice how when you walked with Aslan on the beach and looked back, there was only one set of pawprints? That’s when you rode him!
Expect to see Dawn Treader in theaters on December 10th.