Atlanta folks, here’s a treat for you. Renn saw The Next Three Days last night and said good things about it. Here’s what you need to know. Paul Haggis directed it. Russell Crowe stars in it. Liam Neeson is in it. The delectable Olivia Wilde is in it. The delightful Elizabeth Banks is in it. The RZA and Brian Dennehy are TOGETHER in this.

And it features Crowe as a tough gentleman, which is usually a good bet.

CHUD has 100 seats at screening reserved in Atlanta for Chewers and instead of giving you the rigamarole (join mailing list, FB, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) I’ll just ask you to in the next three days share a link to a CHUD article in some fashion. Email it. Tell a friend. IM a link. Tweet it. Put a Post-It note on a church… SOMETHING.

You are what keeps this rickety machine moving along.

Please use the link below and in the email it generates tell my mom your favorite restaurant in Atlanta. Winners will be emailed a printable pass and a code that you have to register. The first 50 winners (and their guest) will be able to enjoy the work of Haggis earlier than most!