The CHUD Puzzler Amazing Race

Just like the TV Reality Game Show, this is a race of participants toward a finish line with several check-points along the way. At each check-point is a puzzle.  Being the first to correctly solve a puzzle gains an advantage on the release of the next. For the most part this Race will be taking place in Private Messages – that’s how solutions will be given to me, and how I’ll be releasing the next puzzle in the series.  If you’re the first to get me a correct answer, you’ll be the first to receive the next puzzle. If you’re the second, you’ll be the second.  And so on.


There is a character from Star Wars from whose name you can take away a letter and anagram those remaining into a film title. You can do this once more, removing another letter and anagramming a different title from the letters that remain. You can also take this character’s name and add a letter to anagram a film title. You can do this one more time and create yet another film title.

To get the next puzzle in this series, supply me with these four film titles and the character’s name.