Disregard the January release date on the image. It makes me sad.

The movie Don’t be Afraid of the Dark (which I am a producer of) has started showing itself to real people, having been a part of this weekend’s Virginia Film Festival, and as I would have hoped and expected (because it’s a really good movie) the results have been positive (aside from a spoilery one I saw on a site called Culturemob). I still don’t know what the release date is going to be now, but it is nice to start hearing what people think.

From Slashfilm: The film starts out with a bang, but then takes a turn and becomes a real slow burner, building up a sense of dread while doing a great job of introducing us to the characters and making us care about them and the situation they’re in. But when the shit hits the fan, the payoff is great and the audience seemed to do all of the screaming and jumping the filmmakers were hoping for.

From Ain’t it Cool: The creatures! The creatures! The creatures! They want to be your friends! THIS IS THE LITTLE MONSTER MOVIE WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! For a couple moments these little guys almost seem cute. That idea soon turns rotten for these little guys are cunning, vicious and vile and actually really good with scissors, straight razors, long metal wires and garage door openers!!! They won’t be satisfied until they get one thing and one thing only (which I’m not going to spoil). I will say this, we’re all connected to these little beastly beasts. Our childhood’s are anyway…

From JoBlo: Nixey was also greatly aided (or responsible for) some amazing production and creature design. As the film is set almost entirely inside the house, the filmmakers clearly went all out in creating a domicile that’s intriguing enough to spend 90 minutes with, but also foreboding enough to keep you removed and be something of a second protagonist itself.

Some of the reviews are more positive than others but I fully expect this to be a flick that polarizes people. It’s not typical. It is a little unorthodox and unique. But, it looks like it’s a crowd pleaser and that’s a great start.

More info as it comes, and hopefully we can start hearing what you folks think of it.