(Don’t read this till you’ve seen the second episode “Guts”!)

So Rick and his new crew are on their way back to the camp in the countryside, so what can we expect to happen? Drama, drama, drama! Here’s a couple of pics that AMC just released from the third episode of the series, entitled “Tell It to the Frogs”.

First off it appears that we’re going to be getting back to the first episode’s emotional core-

Should be a great moment.

It’s pretty great to see how well Glenn’s been received by the people watching, as he’s easily one of the most interesting and likable characters in the comic. It looks like he’s finally ended his awesome joy ride (or just run out of gas) and might be in a bit of trouble, though…

There’s also this sneak peak video that shows what Shane’s been up to-

“Tell It to the Frogs” airs next Sunday at 10:00. I can’t remember the last time the wait for a show has felt this long.