There’s this movie called Set Up that is starring rapper 50 Cent. And in most cases that would be all you need to know about it, but Saturday evening came word about two possible co-stars who were thinking about joining the wordsmith.

Bruce Willis and Paul Walker, to be exact.

Both have been in talks to strap up with Mr. Cent, although don’t expect a deep plot: it’s about a heist gone wrong. Stuntman Mike Gunther (Iron Man 2, The Tuxedo) is directing from a script he co-wrote with Mike Behrman, so if nothing else it should be a technically tight action movie with great stunts and people getting exploded all over the place.

Walker’s a very capable actor (Running Scared) in spite of his best efforts to prove otherwise (Fast and Furious), and Willis is Willis – if he’s invested in the project he’s great, otherwise he can comes across as a rubbery piece of plastic.

For some reason, I hope this happens.