With Part 1 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows opening up on Friday, November 19th, there’s a good chance that a lot of you are planning on hitting the Midnight Screening on Thursday.  But don’t buy those tickets just yet…

/Film brings us word that AMC is hosting an event that not only gives fans the midnight screening they’re wanting, but making that the final part in a three-part theatrical mini-marathon with with Order of the Phoenix (Part 5) and Half-Blood Prince (Part 6). 
All of it for only $20.

Chances are we‘re all fans of at LEAST the films and know what events Deathly Hallows is built from, but for the uninitiated, Germain Lussier gives a nice little rundown:  “Harry Potter fans know that it’s 100% necessary to be familiar with Order of the Phoenix and Half Blood Prince before Deathly Hallows. The events in those two stories – the creation of the Order and Harry/Voldemort’s discovery of the Prophecy in the fifth film, followed by Harry’s discovery of Horcruxes and the death of a major character in the sixth one, are the four most important events leading up to Deathly Hallows Part 1.”

Another little bonus with this triple feature is that these are all three of director David Yates’ entries in the series, who took over for Mike Newell after Goblet of Fire.  We’ve seen clips and trailers and we know that Yates has something special and epic (I hate that the internet has ruined that word) in store for us and it will be fun to watch his evolution in this world happen back-to-back on the big screen.

The bad thing, as Lussier also points out, is that this all takes place on a Thursday night.  That’s a long time to spend in the theater any day of the week, but on a work/school night?  Here’s hoping you’re able to find someone who actually wants to go with you.

Click here to get your tickets.