“Why do I always get stuck with crazy men?”
“Cause that’s the only kind that’s left.”

It was announced this week that MGM is finally making Rolling Thunder (a Chewer favorite) available on DVD to its small but hungry fanbase. For those of you who have maybe been curious to check out the cult delight, but not so curious that you want to drop $19.99 for one of MGM’s manufactured-on-demand DVDs, well, you’re in luck!

Hulu has the film up on its site for a limited time! Commercial breaks are a small price to pay for some William Devane hook-venge.

For those unfamiliar, Rolling Thunder is a 1977 film written by the legendary Paul Schrader (one year after Taxi Driver), and starring William Devane as a Vietnam prisoner of war who finally returns home after seven years in captivity. Let’s just say some bad shit happens to the guy once he’s back in civilization, and some fools gotta pay… and pay hard. A young Tommy Lee Jones co-stars.