Ice Cube is looking to get into the vigilante pain-dealing business, and David O. Russell is looking to hook him up. The pair are partnering with hopes of creating a new franchise that will recall the 70s heroes like Dirty Harry that wielded a lone gun against a corrupt world.

A personal vigilante franchise for Cube wasn’t actually the rapper’s idea! Rather, O Russell and Toby Emmerich (head of the shadow of New Line) came up with the idea and brought the Three Kings star onto the project. LA is the obvious destination but, like the story and outline, is still far from a definite choice. Cube may be looking to bring back a little crazy motherfucker into his image (it’s about time- surely they are there yet by now).

O Russell recently jumped zombie ship by leaving Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and turning his focus to Old St. Louis, a dramatic comedy with Vince Vaughn. He’s also on track to write/produce the video game film Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

Let’s just not talk about what Ice Cube has been up to.

This is still in its conceptual infancy, so look for more details about the idea whenever everyone has time to actually put pen to paper. You do have to start wondering though if the nihilism of a lot of these classics will read today. Though I have to think there’s a hungry audience out there for Eastwood-esque antics against the scum of the world as they identify less and less with a government they see as ineffective or outright evil (the more violently-inclined end of the Secretariat crowd), I question if they’ll want it from a face like Cube’s….

Source | Deadline