My summer officially started today. I couldn’t be happier. After having some downs, but A LOT of ups at my job, I’ve finally achieved my reward. 2 and a half months of fun. I’m going to lay out a few things I want to achieve this summer, and hopefully will, and not screw it up by not doing them.

1. Start exercising. This is the big one. I did a blog some time back about my love of food, and how I’ve gained some weight. I plan on at least smoothing it out by hitting the weights. (Dumbells) and I’ve already started dieting. Vanessa and I decided to start dieting on June 1st (the date was my idea) and thus far a week into it, I’ve been pretty good at it.

2. Watch more Netflix Instant. I watch a lot of movies. I also tend to do a lot of re-watching, and I want to take full advantage of Instant. I know some time soon I finally want to see Up and Wall-E amongst others. has become a good friend.

3. Get up at a reasonable hour. This past summer, and other previous summers, I tend to get really lazy, and stay up really late, and get up really late. This summer I want to get up much earlier, so I can take more advantage of my day.

4. Take a trip with Vanessa. We’ve already been planning this out, and it’s going to happen. We try to take a trip (Even if it’s a really short one) every now and then, so we’re definitely going to do that.

5. Go to the Alamo Drafthouse again. I want to take Vanessa there again, and I’m going to San Antonio hopefully soon to visit my friend Dannis again. I know he’s always up for the Drafthouse, as well as hitting up used bookstores, so we’re going to be doing that.

6. Continue reading novels. I’ve hit a low point, where I haven’t been reading books as quickly as I want to, so with this time off, I’m going to be using it to get through the pile of books that I have. I hope to at least have half finished by the end of summer.

7. Play my PS3. I’ve been using it primarily for Netflix, and watching dvds and Blu-rays. I’ve got 8 PS3 games, and one PS2 game that I want to play on it (It’s a 60GB backwards compatible version) and I will not get another game until I have at least 6 games finished. (Red Dead Redemption I will own you before the end of summer)

8. Try to spend less. I’ve got nothing but time on my hands, and having an App on my iPhone means I can buy movies/books/games at the snap of a finger. I don’t want to excessively spend throughout, especially since I plan on taking a trip, and I know I’ll be spending then. I’m holding off on buying lots of games and books, since I’ve got a backlog, so I think I can do that pretty well.

9. Clean my car. My car needs a wash, and I need to clean it out. Not driving it around much, but doesn’t mean I shouldn’t clean it up and treat it nice.

10. Clean my room. It’s seriously a mess in here. I put away a few dvds earlier after Vanessa suggested I should make my pile smaller, and I need to do more. I’ve got comics that need to be bagged and boarded, and c.d.s that need to be put away.

11. Blog more frequently. I want to try to do at least 2 blogs a week. I’ve slowed down to 1 a week, and I want to give more to the readers, given that I’ve got time on my hands. There will still be a minimum of 1 a week, but 2 or even 3 would be something nice to give back to all of you who read my blog. More reviews of movies I like, and ones I don’t like (There’s one I just watched today that I will turn into a MY EYES! MY EYES! blog for probably tomorrow)

There’s probably more, but these are 11 things that I definitely need to do over the course of this summer. It’s still going to be a fun time! Blogs should be coming more frequently as well.

Rene’s song of the day: “The Weight” by The Band.

Thanks for reading my blog and see you next time!