It’s been a long, long road of Spider-Man news.   The reboot-Marc Webb-3D news happened so damn fast that I thought we’d have an entire roster and a promotional still by now. But no!  Sony is taking their time with this. That’s good. It means they care.

Today, THR’s Heat Vision wrangled two bits of casting news out of the pre-production.  Who will be the aunt and uncle who raise Peter Parker into a good and upstanding hero? None other than Martin Sheen and Sally Field.

Sheen will play the doomed Uncle Ben, whose death rocks boyish Parker’s world, and makes him eager to don a stretchy outfit and fight crime.  Sheen is fatherly and venerable, so he’s a great pick. It’s just sad he won’t last more than a movie. (I imagine he’ll get a flashback or two as this wears on. Or not! He’s going to age faster than these will film.

Field is in talks (not yet confirmed, but close) to play Aunt May.  That’s quite a change from the adorably white-haired lady she is in the comics. Is Aunt May going to be a cute and sassy brunette, or is Field going to don white-hair and a Boniva-deprived stoop?   THR seems to think the former, but we’ll see.

It’s good to see this reboot is going to boast a cast as impressive (if not more so) than Sam Raimi’s original. I wasn’t in favor of a reboot — and I still can’t believe we get another  goddamn origin story — but at least it won’t be sloppy.