My daughter and I sometimes play a game when we’re in the car. We read the letters off of a license plate and the other person has to come up with a word that contains those letters in that order. 


My daughter says, “AAA”.  I think a bit and respond, “Alphabetical”.
I say, “PHP”. She says, “Philosophy”.

I have walked through a parking lot and gathered the letters off of 20 random license plates. For this puzzler can you provide me with FILM TITLES that contain those letters in the same order? The shorter the title, the more impressive the find!

1)  OCI
2)  SGW
3)  UBP
4)  NYO
5)  RTR
6)  AAA
7)  KLB
8)  RTU
9)  SUF
10) OVY
11) VDT
12) FDW
13) OVK
14) NLE
15) PBA
16) OYK
17) IIA
18) VHZ
19) AXP
20) RTI


1) Panino and Deciro and the Pianist in Jaw: HEAT & BRODY
2) Director of Two-Face/Off  COIN & WOO
3) Lieutenant Keaton and Detective Kilmer Taylor BATMEN & SINISE
4) A favorite summer for nerds and Carpenter’s London feature GLAU & FOG
5) This is the color of money and Fish GREEN & ABE

“We’re gonna smile you need a son of a bigger boat bitch”