We’re proud to present these exclusive photos from Red Hill, the Aussie Western that hits theaters today. It’s a helluva movie and they were kind enough to send over some really great shots of the main villain of the piece so you can see what a fantastic makeup job they’ve done on him.

Click any of the images to see them bigger!

This is Jimmy Conway (played with chilling perfection by Tommy Lewis), who’s recently escaped from prison and is about to exact revenge on a small Australian town.

This is the star of the piece Shane Cooper (Ryan Kwanten from True Blood), a cop who just moved to said small town with his pregnant wife. As you can see, he’s having quite the first day…

This is Old Bill (Steve Bisley- Goose from Mad Max!), the head of the cops. Here he’s trying to get Jimmy to come after him directly.

And another hero shot of Jimmy. That shotgun is going to get a lot of work…

Red Hill hits theaters in LA, NYC and Austin today! Check the official site for the trailer and theater listings.