Hot on the heels of Devin’s set visit preview comes a new trailer for Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch. 

Everyone has been baffled by the first footage of this film. I missed the big SDCC presentation, but everyone I grilled for information said the same thing: “I don’t know what that film is about. The actors don’t seem to know, either.”   The set visit revealed one of the most solid plot descriptions I’ve seen yet.  Finally, we know why the hell they appear to be in a brothel and not a mental institution. (I fancied the sexier mental patients were whored out.  Someone should write that movie.)

Trailer #2 should help out the average moviegoer a little bit.  The story is revealed, though the dragons, German soldiers, and ninjas are still pretty baffling to anyone going in empty-headed.   Still, it’s fantastic to look at and defiantly original.
(Though it does seem to have lifted a little inspiration from Bioshock. Carla Gugino’s accent is pure Dr. Tenenbaum.) Even if it’s vaguely incoherent, I think it’s a film to look forward to. The kickass chicks alone will make it worth my ticket. We just don’t see enough ladies with weaponry!

My only major complaint with this trailer? No Jon Hamm! I appreciate a movie keeping some secrets, but this world is so bizarre and lush that I want a peek at his place in it.

Enough from me. Time for you to give it a watch: