If you’re looking for more masked-murderers in your movies, then Eli Roth may have the answer for you. Both he and fellow Last Exorcism producer Eric Newman are re-teaming for Psycho Killer, which has begun casting and is scheduled for a late spring shoot in Michigan.

Zombieland producer Gavin Polone is making his directorial debut – from a script by Se7en writer Andrew Kevin Walker – and that alone should get the attention of most people.

Psycho Killer is the story of a nameless masked gent who travels the U.S. slaughtering victims. When he kills a highway patrolman in Nebraska, he unwittingly leaves behind the patrolman’s wife as the only witness to the crime. Naturally she’s a bit upset, and so devotes her life to tracking down her husband’s murderer.

According to Polone the first 20% of the film will follow the killer during his murdering journey, then once the patrolman has been sent off the focus shifts more towards the vengeance-seeking wife, only later having their tales converge.

It’s an interesting Devil’s Rejects/Se7en vibe that might make for a great ride. Polone also had a hand with 8MM (as did Andrew Kevin Walker), so there may be a bit of that sleezy edge to the film as well. Roth says “When people read the name Psycho Killer from the creators of Se7en and Hostel, they know they are in for an intense ride, but one that will be smart and original”. He also goes on to say it will be an “elevated, uncompromised, R-rated thriller”.

They say the film will NOT be of the ‘found footage’ variety like The Last Exorcism was, but rather a larger film with a budget somewhere in the mid-teens. It sounds great already,and should become even more interesting as the casting begins rolling in.

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