Al Pacino has played some wild and exciting characters in his day, from mob bosses to blind dancers, but nothing could have prepare him for the extremely exciting role of a greedy hedge fund magnate.


He’s making Arbitrage his next movie, playing a shady financial fellow who finally realizes just how corrupt he’s become. He tries to sell his trading empire to a major bank before other people realize how fraudulent he is. Of course something goes wrong, with Variety referring to it as a “bloody error”, and it forces him to turn to an unlikely source for help.

Eva Green and Susan Sarandon are also in the film, which is being written/directed by Nicholas Jarecki (the man behind the documentary The Outsider), and is scheduled to begin shooting in New York next spring.

It all sounds a bit boring but at least we’re virtually guaranteed a few scenes with Al shouting either at money, or about it.