Resident Evil: Degeneration might not have been a bad movie if it didn’t feel like an extended cutscene from the game. The horrible voice acting, nonsensical plot, and endless dialogue didn’t help things. But hey, it was better than most of the live ation films!

But the film was a big success for Capcom in Japan, where it released theatrically, and is giving another one a shot with Resident Evil: Damnation. It’s doubtful that the film will get any kind of theatrical release over here but it will be created in 3D and feature Resident Evil 2 star Leon once again.

G4 recently premiered the first trailer for the game, which shows Leon somewhere in a European warzone, fighting Lickers. The CGI looks tremendously improved already from 2008’s Degeneration- let’s just hope they can do something better with it this time.