Ring in the new year with your favorite, angry, revenge-seeking Mexican, Danny Trejo.

you can pause your Blu-ray and get high-def quality stills to see if
that really is Lindsay Lohan in the pool scene (hint: it’s
not).  Machete
(pronounced: ma-chet-ay) crosses the border (even I groaned at that
one) into your neighborhood retail store on both Blu-ray and DVD,
replete with extra footage.

director Robert Rodriguez (Grindhouse, Sin City), and featuring an
all-star cast including Danny Trejo, Robert De Niro and Jessica Alba,
comes an action-packed, bare-knuckled fistful of carnage asada! Set up,
double-crossed and left for dead, Machete (Trejo) is an ass-kicking
ex-Federale who lays waste to anything that gets in his path. As he
takes on hit men, vigilantes and a ruthless drug cartel, bullets fly,
blades clash and the body count rises. Any way you slice it, vengeance
has a new name–Machete.

at least I didn’t write any puns as bad as “carnage asada.” Apparently
this release will include deleted scenes that further develop the Machete story through never-before-seen characters, new plot lines, and more bloody action.

Blu-ray also includes a Digital Copy that you can actually download
onto your mobile device wirelessly via Pocket BLU — but, it will still
offer the physical copy so you can download it to your computer, too.

takes on the establishment on January 4th.  The 2-disc Blu-ray
will cost you $39.99 while the 1-disc DVD will set you back $29.98.