I’m not one to be impatient for the holidays. (Even now, I’m gaping at the calender with a sort of dull horror.) But when a movie like the Coen Bros’ True Grit is on the horizon, well, bring on the snow and sleigh bells already.

But there’s a bit of happy news today, as Paramount has announced they’ve moved the release date up.  Instead of opening on December 25, True Grit goes wide on December 22.

So, not only do you get to meet Jeff Bridges’ Rooster Cogburn a little earlier than expected, you get to avoid the Christmas Movie Day rush, which is becoming more miserable by the year.  I remember a glorious (if still guilt inducing at the sight of the sad employees) time when no one did that except singletons, weirdos, loners, Jews and Muslims, and my “We do it all our celebrating on the 24th” family. Now everyone does it, and it’s a studio tentpole date. Those loners among us who just want to spend time in an festival free environment have to battle with massive clans bent on seeing a Ben Stiller comedy.

But now we don’t have to battle that for True Grit.  (You’ll still have to brave it for Tron: Legacy — but hey, now you won’t be torn between two Bridges. Three if you count Clu.) December 22 is just better for everyone.   Who doesn’t need a hearty swig of violence, whiskey, and bleak landscapes before facing down the Christmas chaos of your kin?