Most of the time, they’re not headlining movies nor TV shows.  They’re not regulars on TMZ, Entertainment Tonight
nor other Hollywood hype machines.  And they’re not reality
show attention whores who are famous for simply being famous…or trying
to be famous.  What they are is all too frequently the
unheralded; the people whose solidly consistent work affects and often
delights us.  They’re the ones who don’t always get the credit
when the credit is due.  We aim to change that.

Name: Anthony Charles De Longis

Vital Stats:
– Date of Birth: March 23, 1950
– From: Glendale, CA
– 6′ tall

Anthony De Longis IMDB Page
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Notable Roles:
Taba, Rodrigo, Kief, Blade, Slade, Ketchum, Ottavio Consone, First Maje Culluh, Lymon Kurlow,

Career Hiccup(s): The Chipmunk Adventure, Renegade

Notable Quotes:
– “You were born a pig farmer.  You’ll always be a pig farmer, you will die a pig farmer.”

Why We’re Saluting:

Even knowledgeable movie fans might not immediately know this modern-day cowboy by name.  Nevertheless, it’s a cinch that you’ve seen him somewhere, either during one of his many TV appearances or more notable film roles.  This rugged stuntman, martial artist, swordmaster, fight coordinator, teacher, master of the bullwhip, horse riding and firearms has made a career both in front of the camera and behind.  He taught Michelle Pfeiffer, Harrison Ford, Anjelica Huston and Ellen Barkin in the use of the whip and he’s instructed many an actor in the finer art of the sword.  His expertise in weapons of all kinds has been featured on several television shows as well.

Need a reliable bad guy for your project?  No problem.  De Longis was Blade, one of Skeletor’s mercenaries in Masters of the Universe.  He was also Frank Langella’s stunt double in that film.  He was Ketchum, the guy with the deadly right boot in Road House.  He was Slade, a bank robber in the episode of The Dukes of Hazzard, “Enos and Daisy’s Wedding.”  He even had an uncredited role as one of the clowns in the Red Triangle gang in Batman Returns.  He had featured bad guy roles in two episodes of MacGyver.  He was also First Maje Culluh, the recurring Kazon alien leader with the really bad hair who left Janeway and her crew stranded on a barren planet on Star Trek: Voyager.  He’s also appeared in many other TV shows including the original Battlestar Galactica, Matt Houston, Trapper John, MD, The A-Team, The Twilight Zone, Moonlighting, Sledge Hammer!, Babylon 5, The Outer Limits, ER, Las Vegas and Justified. 

De Longis portrayed two of Duncan MacLeod’s (Adrian Paul) more dangerous
immortal challengers in Highlander: The Series.  First, he was the effete but deadly Lymon Kurlow in the
episode, “Blackmail.”  Then he was Ottavio Consone, a conceited Spanish nobleman in “Duende.”  Whereas Paul,
who had extensive training in the use of a katana, had to occasionally
carry some of his guest stars in the fight scenes, or the show had to make use of strategic editing to improve the look of the fights, De Longis was one of
the more capable performers to appear on the show.  Their two fights
were some of the best to occur during the show’s six season run. 

Longis also worked on another syndicated adventure show, Queen of Swords, in which he also taught star Tessie Santiago her sword skills.  His considerable sword abilities were also put to use opposite Jet Li in a rousing combat scene in Fearless.  He appeared in the similarly-titled ’80s sword fantasies The Sword and the Sorcerer and The Warrior and the Sorceress.  Like video games?  He voiced characters in Star Trek: Judgment Rites and more recently he portrayed Marshal Leigh Johnson in Red Dead Redemption.

When not portraying a character, De Longis’ expertise in weapons of all kinds has been featured on shows such as  Deadliest Warrior, where he was a representative of Team William Wallace (Wallace vs. Shaka Zulu).  He also appeared on Lock and Load with R. Lee Ermey, where he was shooting targets with a pistol while on horseback.  He also appeared as himself on the special, More Extreme Marksmen.  In 1999 he formed the company, Palpable Hit Productions, which specializes in producing staged combat and displaying historic combat techniques. 

Mr. De Longis, for your many impressive talents and contributions to film and TV, we salute you.

Anthony De Longis Factoids (via Star Trek: Memory Alpha):
– De Longis has been the fight director at the Los Angeles Music Center Opera since 1985.
– He is a founding member of the Australian Light Horsemen, which specializes in combat on horseback with sabres, guns, whips and lances.
– He taught fencing, stage combat, and character movement at the UCLA Theatre Department from 1974 to 1993.

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