align="Right" border="0" height="234" width="300"/>Well, here we are. After two years of your douche-bag friend matter-of-factly telling people that the Riddler would be the next Batman
villain, and that X (retarded) rumored actor would be playing him, and
you wanting to strangle the daylights out of him, you can breathe easy.
Nolan announced along with the title, and confirmation of 2D photography, that the Riddle wouldn’t be involved- prepare for the next batch of rumors though, and these will be relentless.

There’s not a movie being made that’s going to generate more bullshit and nonsense and circular debate than the third Nolan Batman
film. Ultimately, this is okay. 1,000,000,000 dollars worldwide and
nearly universal positivity towards the last film means that a lot of
people (including myself) are going to be very excited as we draw closer
to The Dark Knight Rises.
Rumors after this point are at least going to have the fact that the
production is actually moving on their side, but there’s likely to be
equally silly information flying about. We’re also in a new age where
loose lips are starting to spill short lists as an insane rate, and
traditionally Oh Don Piano stories are becoming the fuel for more and
more stories. It’s a shame, but this simply is not a film that for which
news can be ignored- so with that in mind, here we go…

ComicBookMovie recieved word from an agency source that the following actresses have been asked about the following parts:

Charlize Theron has been “approached” for the part of Detective Sarah
Essen. This is the detective partnered with Gordon in Year One,
with whom he starts a brief affair that he later confesses to Barbra.
In the 90s they married, until she was murdered by the joker in No Man’s Land.

Supposedly Vera Farmiga has been asked to take the part of Julie
Madison, a “love interest for Bruce Wayne.” The character was actually
the first real love interest for Wayne in the comics, though she was not
aware of Batman and eventually left Wayne for his socially useless
playboy lifestyle. She became wrapped up in a plot with Clayface and
actually took on the role of Robin briefly in that story.

would appear to me that Madison has already contributed certain
attributes to Rachel in the first two films, though it’s possible the
character could be in the script. The female detective opposite of
Gordon could also make sense, especially if Nolan is planning (as he
should) to exploit Oldman’s excellent portrayal of Gordon even more for
this final film.

makes the truly baffling assertion that Vera Farmiga is too old to play
a love interest. That’s stupid and they’re stupid for saying it. She’s
only four years older that Maggie Gyllenhaal and we’re lucky humans
every single time she is projected on screens in front of us. They are

any event, the odds on these rumors reflecting anything that what we’ll
actually end up seeing on screen are slim, but they’re probably not the
craziest whispers we’ll hear.