I’ve mentioned before that my interest in Due Date is based purely on the talent involved and hasn’t really been helped at all by actually seeing footage. The trailers have been bland and pandering, even if the set-up and characters lend themselves to good time for all. MySpace though, is the new home of the first trailer for the film that has actually gotten me excited. It’s cut to “People Are Strange,” which… whatever, but the editing of the trailer is darker and more unconventional. I hope the the unique tone of this tease is more indicative of the actual film than the shitty slapstick spots that have shown thus far.

The trailer is age restricted, but there’s only a moment or two that actually earns it, so it’s not any “edginess” that makes this more interesting, just a fresher look. That said, if you’re already on board, there’s no reason to have more jokes or moments busted for you, so stay away if your ticket is bought.