For those who have been clamoring for a big-screen reunion between Christopher Walken and Christian Slater, your wait is over: the two have signed on to appear in the indie thriller The Power of Few, from Arclight Films.

The story involves a young girl (Q’orianka Kilcher, who I think was aboard the IKS Pagh with Riker) who is talked into transporting a secret package. Along the way she becomes embroiled in a plot that threatens the entire world.

Written and directed by Leone Marucci, the movie will also star Franka Potente and Anthony Anderson and is on schedule to begin shooting later this month in New Orleans.

Arclight is going to present the film to the American Film Market (an 8-day annual event) later this week, in hopes of securing a wider distribution spread. It’ll be interesting to see if the new Walken and Slater signings will be enough to sway would-be distributors into overlooking the generic plot, so we’ll see what becomes of this indie romp.