Even though there’s already been plenty of promo material leading up to the December 17th premiere for the upcoming Tron: Legacy, there’s yet more stuff to throw in your shopping cart from all over the web.

First, Empire has premiered the first of a planned three posters that will join to make a new Tron: Legacy mosaic poster.  This one features Jeff Bridges’ Clu 2.0:

Next, MSN has a new clip titled “You’re Here,” which shows the reunion between Sam (Garrett Hedlund) and his father, Kevin Flynn, also played by Bridges.  You can click the image below to head over there.

Then there’s a new TV spot over at Trailer Addict (via Collider), which is mostly the same footage, but does feature a shot of five light cycles:

Lastly, a site called Kino-Govno has five new international posters that are mostly just different riffs on existing images, but nonetheless pretty nice.  You can click to enlarge:

And there you have it.  Please proceed to checkout.