Jamie Chung is a 27 year old Korean-American actress who has to be in the tippy-top percentile of the People Who Were On Real World And Managed To Do More Things That Aren’t Real World category. Appearing on the MTV show in 2004, she has since appeared in increasingly large roles in shit like Chuck and Larry, Dragonball Evolution, Sorority Row, and Grown Ups, but seems to have flipped a switch with her career and will be appearing in both Sucker Punch and Premium Rush in the next two years. To add to those two large scale projects, she’s now landed a role in The Hangover 2 as Ed Helm’s new lady.

Frankly, I haven’t caught much of her work for obvious reasons, but she looks great in Sucker Punch, and Premium Rush is a fairly large-scale thriller with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Shannon, directed by David Koepp. So good on her for an efficiently strategic parlay of success into some legit roles.

THR has the story, but couldn’t specify if she’d be playing someone Helms meets in Thailand (despite being a Korean-American born in ‘frisco), or if she’s someone he became involved with before the film’s start.

Also, I’m not typically one to go for the T&A with an accompanying picture but in my defense her Google Image results are heavily titled in that direction. Not necessarily complaining, I suppose.

The Hangover 2 is shooting now, and will be in theaters on May 26th, 2011.