After the big casting coup that wrangled the likes of Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage to The Hobbit, we haven’t had any exciting additions to report.  Even this casting item isn’t terribly pants-wetting, but it will soothe a few fears, because we have two more dwarves!  I know many of you thought they were going to cull the Company down since we only had a mere eight announced.

But now we’re up to ten.  Warner Bros / New Line announced that James Nesbitt and Adam Brown have joined the cast.  Nesbitt will be Bofur, he of the yellow hood and fondness for mince pies. 

Brown (a newcomer) will play Ori. Tolkien nerds know that Ori was the unlucky dwarf who penned the journal Gandalf and the Fellowship find clutched in his dusty hands in the Mines of Moria: “We cannot get out. We cannot get out. They are coming.” Does Brown’s bone structure match the corpse in Fellowship? Somewhere, on a web page yet unmade, there will be a photo comparison.

So, there you go. Ten dwarves cast so far. Now we’re just missing Balin, Nori, and Bifur. At least, I think so. The rhyming names induce a sort of dyslexia. You’ll correct me if I’m wrong, I’m sure.   But at least you know they’re not sparing any expense by pretending no one is going to remember the difference between Nori and Ori. (Nori played the flute, goddammit! And his hood was purple!)