Kevin Smith revealed last night the teaser for his much-delayed horror film, Red State. It features the image he calls “The Holy Ghost”, and it’s a cool, creepy bit of marketing. According to Smith it was created by one of producer Jon Gordon’s assistants, and it keeps the personal and in-house feel he’s been going for. Smith’s been trying to make Red State for years but has had trouble securing reliable funding, however now the film’s done and the editing begins.

For those who don’t know, Red State stars Michael Parks and John Goodman, and is about a group of people who fall prey to extreme religious fundamentalism. Smith has often citied Fred Phelps as the prototype he used for the antagonist, and also says the script he wrote is the least-dialogue driven one by him to date. He’s called it “Totally different than anything I’ve written before. Very fucked up”.

Hopefully that’s great news, and while I rarely have use for Smith and his films I’m actually looking forward to a gritty and bleak horror movie from him. The teaser is a great start, a great Exorcist vibe.