Dennis Iliadis, the guy who directed The Last House on the Left remake, is trying to talk Dark Castle Entertainment into letting him have a crack at The Demonologists.

It’s the story about a family of silly ghost hunters who come across a real live demon, only to realize a little too late just how worthless they are at that kind of thing.

Hollywood Reporter states that one of the TV Dead Zone writers, Teddy Tenebaum, wrote the script… over 10 years ago! Newsflash: it’s been tangled in pre-development hell all this time. Originally it was a feature with Warner’s, then NBS decided to turn the pitch into a TV show, now Dark Castle is turning it back into a theatrical venture.

Before he was attached to this (or rather, almost attached), Iliadis has been looking everywhere for another remake to uninspiringly tackle, with rumors swirling that he was thinking of redoing The Birds.

Hopefully someone showed up and slapped some sense into him, and maybe The Demonologists will be a cute little horror film with some nice moments of tension and mayhem, but until more comes out it all sounds a bit bland.