So that Spider-Man musical.  The one being put on by U2 and Julie (Across the Universe) Taymor?  Yeah – apparently it’s a bit of a death trap.  The AV Club brings us word of a new set of injuries shortly after cast member Kevin Aubin broke both of his wrists performing a flying stunt that catapults the actor from the back of the stage to the lip.  That sucks, but I suppose things of that nature are to be expected to some degree in these types of whiz-bang productions.  But the new injury has an anonymous cast member revealing that he also broke both of his feet…

doing the exact same stunt.

To quote the AV Club’s Shawn O’Neal: “Hey.  Maybe don’t do that.”  He also goes on to fill us in on some of the other stunts used in the show, which include a “multitude of cables that will swing performers over the heads of audience members in the orchestra section and up toward the mezzanine—without any nets, of course.

Yep.  Spider-Man:  Turn off the Dark hits the stage (heh) November 14th.  It might not be a bad idea to make sure all of your insurance is up to snuff before you visit the theater.