With all of the recent positive hubbub about the Back to the Future trilogy, it seems Ally Bank has also jumped on the wagon… or into the DeLorean for that matter. In what seems to be a timely marketing ploy, they’ve profiled the story of Kevin Cupp, a recent college grad who uses the bank’s services to save for this childhood dream car of his from the 1985 film.

Their Straight Talk Blog, in addition to trying to get you to realize how practical their online savings account is (okay, it really is), links to a pretty neat photo spread of the DeLorean in “real life.” Whether it’s real or just manufactured for their blog, the car is nevertheless real. The pictures give us a glimpse of the DeLorean as more than a movie prop, and it’s neat to see it as a vehicle in and of itself.

Check out the DeLorean photo spread by photographer Brian Sewell HERE.

Photograph © Brian Sewell

Even more about the DeLorean here.