This has no particular bearing on anything, but it’s Friday and I think this makes for a fun weekend conversation piece.

Some fine being over at reddit, going by subtonix, was kind enough (and bored enough) to make up a map of the United States of America labeled to indicate what film best represents each state. Some choices are obvious – I knew before even looking at it that my home-state of Minnesota would be Fargo (though I also would have accepted Grumpy Old Men) – while others are fun surprises (I love that Louisiana is Southern Comfort).

Click to huge

I also love The Evil Dead for Tennessee and RoboCop for Michigan. Wayne’s World for Delaware is a pretty delicious in-joke too. But Remember the Titans for Virginia? Someone must have a beef against our oldest English settlement.

Alright Chewers… let the discussion begin! What would you change?

And Subtonix, if you’re seeing this, I want a world map next! Get crackin’!