From the director of Soul Food and producer of the Barbershop & Beauty Shop franchises comes an in-your-face revenge flick that’ll blow your face out your ass, around the Earth and back onto your skull!

Not a good pitch? How about the fact it’s the new Dwayne Johnson action flick and it features no less than Courtney Gains, Xander Berkeley, Tom Berenger, and the delectable Carla Gugino. Oh, and more famous people like Billy Bob Thornton, Jennifer Carpenter, Moon Bloogood, Maggie Grace, and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (who we’ll be interviewing in the near future) are in it too!

In reality this looks like a lean, mean, and fun flick [watch the trailer at the bottom of this article] and hopefully a return to form [though The Rock never really had a ‘form’, more the potential to be a big player in the action scene before kid’s movies came calling]. It looks fun and violent and that is stuff we need on a regular basis.

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