Namco Bandai has announced details for the upcoming DLC for Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, and it’s sounding pretty impressive. We knew that it would revolve around the character of Pigsy, the overweight beast of a man with a grappling hook for a hand and an intimate knowledge of guns and machinery, but from the description the DLC will play like a whole other game. The official synopsis for Pigsy’s Perfect 10:

Pigsy, the comical porcine character known for his one-line zingers and questionable hygiene, finally gets his time in the spotlight. The Titan Graveyard is a lonely place and Pigsy really needs some companionship beyond the mechs that roam the area. He dreams of the perfect woman and embarks on a mission to build one from scratch using scrap parts he finds around the junkyard. In contrast to the main game which features strong, capable Monkey as the playable character, Pigsy is much more of a lover than a fighter. Pigsy’s gameplay will have a completely different gameplay dynamic, with a focus on stealth and sharp-shooting. He has plenty of tricks up his sleeves including a far-reaching hookshot, trusty sniper rifle, various grenades and devices, Trouble Vision eye piece and the aid of his trusty mechanical sidekick Truffles.

In addition to this new quest with completely different gameplay, the game will come with a “TriOviz for Games Technology” update, which will turn not only the DLC but the whole retail game into a 3D experience. Normally you’d need a 3D-enabled tv and those fancy, expensive glasses to join in on the fun, but TriOviz lets you use regular ol’ 2D screens… provided you pick up their “Inficolor” glasses on their site, natch.

Still, it’s a nice little addition to the game, which certainly already had eye-popping visuals.

Pigsy’s Perfect 10 will retail for a perfect ten bucks (or 800 Microsoft points) later this year. Read our review of Enslaved for more!