The New York City Horror Film Festival has just announced its full programming slate. Taking place from November 11th through 14th at Tribeca Cinemas, the fest will showcase over 50 films, and kick off as usual with an opening night party on November 10th that mixes live music, short films, and an open bar.

As usual the fest will be paying tribute to an important horror figure with its annual Lifetime achievement award. This year’s will be going towards Robert Englund, and a screening of A Nightmare on Elm Street (the good one!) will take place before the ceremony, along with a selection of short films.

Each film program consists of a feature with around three to five short films that play before it. It’s a helluva great deal for horror fans… and you never know when you’re going to get another Eddie Loves You. Here is the full list of features playing:

DON’T GO IN THE WOODS (Noncompetition) Directed by Vincent D’Onofrio.

- An indie rock band of five young men heads into the woods for a weekend of creative inspiration away from modern distractions. New songs are sung and written but female groupies crash the creative jam session causing distraction. In traditional slasher movie style, characters begin disappearing and are violently killed by a crazed murderer. Unlike a traditional horror film, DON’T GO IN THE WOODS is a musical with scenes of characters singing while being murdered. The film oozes with thrills and a dark sense of humor complemented by a solid rock soundtrack. {US}
YELLOWBRICKROAD (Competition) Directed by Frank Holland

- In the Fall of 1940, the entire population of Friar, New Hampshire walked together up a winding mountain trail and into the wilderness. Without warning, they left behind everything: their homes, their clothes, and their money. The only clue where they went was a single word etched into stone near the forest’s edge: YELLOWBRICKROAD. In 2009, the coordinates for the ‘YELLOWBRICKROAD’ trail head are declassified. An expedition begins in hope of answers. A few among them believe they will find something terrible in the forest. But it is the forest that will find something terrible in them. {US}

BEREAVEMENT (Competition) Directed by Stevan Mena

- The horrific account of 6 year old Martin Bristol, abducted from his backyard swing and forced to witness the brutal crimes of a deranged madman. {US}

THE PACK (Competition) Directed by Franck Richard

- In the middle of a snowy no man’s land, Charlotte picks up Max, a hitchhiker; they stop in a truck-stop restaurant, and when Max doesn’t come back from the bathroom, Charlotte starts looking for him in vain. She decides to return during the night but gets kidnapped by the bartender, La Spack, who turns out to be Max’s mother and needs to feed her kids, ‘The pack’, a bunch of blood lusting ghouls. Alone and in the middle of nowhere, she quickly realizes… she’s next on the menu! {France}

OUTCAST (Competition) Directed by Colm McCarthy

- OUTCAST is the tale of Petronella, a Scottish/Romany girl, and Fergal, her mysterious Irish traveler boyfriend. As their doomed relationship plays out, a Beast stalks the estate, killing locals, working its way towards our protagonists.Meanwhile Cathal and Liam, two mysterious travelers from Ireland use ritual and magic on a blood hunt. Mary, Fergal’s mother performs ritual and magic of her own. In a vicious finale we know one thing: the Beast must die. {UK}

TICKED OFF TRANNIES WITH KNIVES (Competition) Directed by Israel Luna

- A group of trannies are violently bashed and left for dead. The surviving ladies regain consciousness, confidence, andcourage ready to seek out revenge on the ones who attacked them. {US}

KISS THE ABYSS (Competition) Directed by Ken Winkler

- When a young woman is brutally killed by an intruder, her husband and estranged father conspire to bring her backfrom the dead with the help of a mysterious desert dweller. Soon after she awakens, she begins to realize that somethingis horribly wrong… {US}

WON TON BABY (Noncompetition) Directed by James Morgart

- Thirty years ago brothel owner Rachel “Madam” Won Ton found herself one drug-filled night involved with her wildestclient. That encounter leaves the Madam pregnant. She decides to move on for “cleaner” life. Today, her brothelconverted into a Chinese restaurant, the Madam’s past continues to haunt her. However, her continued social scorn isthe least of her concerns when she learns her adult daughter, Lily, has a parasitic twin growing in her belly! When thefetus is removed, it is not only alive; it possesses a mutated umbilical cord. The baby’s mass murdering and eating ofthe locals forces the Madam to confront a secret she’s hidden for years. Can the Madam solve things before it’s too late, or has she sealed her family’s fate by the release of the child? {US}

(Won Ton Baby sounds like it would make a great triple feature with Grace and Inside, doesn’t it?)

Vincent D’Onofrio will be in attendance for Don’t Go In The Woods and there will be an afterparty featuring live performance of music from the film. Highlights from the short films include Dennison Ramalho’s Ninjas, Greg Nicotero’s United Monster Talent Agency, and two shorts from the very talented Patrick Rea- Now That You’re Dead and Get Off My Porch.

Check for more info and to purchase tickets! See you there…