Tom Cruise was sitting around with Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton and director Brad Bird the other day, celebrating the successful first day of M:I 4 filming. Talking to the media about how much he and producer J. J. Abrams love Dubai, Cruise let slip the title of the upcoming explosion movie…

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol.

While it sounds more like an Tom Clancy Xbox title than a theatrical franchise moniker, in the end it’s just a title. Cruise said he doesn’t like doing sequels and that he views this franchise as more of an extension than anything else. There’s truth to that way of thinking, which was a reason they decided to drop the 4 and go with Ghost Protocol.

Gulf News has the story, and you can read more about the first day of filming over there. In the meantime the real work is going to be where to place the : in the title without making it look ridiculous and cluttered.