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As you can see, we’re mere hours away from the CHUD-Presented RiffTrax Live! House On Haunted Hill event! If you haven’t already grabbed your tickets, get on it.

We’ve been giving away DVDs continuously since the announcement, tossing out updates, passes, and discs on Twitter and today will be the biggest day of prizes yet! …In fact, the 1st and 10th person to email me at this link with your name and address, will each receive a RiffTrax DVD (your choice of Plan 9 or Carnival of Souls).

But anyway, so far the following folks have won discs:

Paul G. (TX)
Gray W. (GA)
Doug C. (CA)
Robert S. (IN)
Alex C. (MN)
Joseph G. (IA)
Joe T. (NJ)

…and we have many more, so watch the front page and make sure to Follow my Twitter Feed here, for more chances at DVDs.

Okay, now that I’ve got that out of the way, remember that you can check out information about the event tonight right here, and that tickets are still available online. You’ll get to see CHUD’s commercial spot on the big screen, followed by the event itself. If you haven’t already, check out the The CHUD Show below, where we featured the three riffers themselves, Mike, Kevin, and Bill.

[By the way: If you’re an Atlanta resident, email me here and I may have some free passes for you!]

The original announcement is below.

It was only last month that CHUD teamed up with Fathom Events and Warner Bros to bring you the one-night-only re-release of William Friedkin’s The Exorcist,
which included a special behind-the-scenes presentation (and our own
little CHUD commercial that you can see below). The digital prints (not
satellite-fed streams, but full-resolution hard-drive prints played
through the main projectors) were stunningly gorgeous, with remarkable
sound- the evening was a resounding success. We’re happy to once again
partner with Fathom, this time to bring you an event of a slightly
different flavor…

guys over at have spent the last four years building
serious momentum for their downloadable comedic audio commentaries. The
crew of riffers (though the roster often changes and accommodates
special guests) is made up of Mystery Science Theater 3000
alumni Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett, and their
efforts represent a graceful transition from one medium to another.
They’ve proven that a good concept can adapt to the changing world.
While independent MP3 distribution has given the crew the ability to
riff on any movie they want, nothing ever quite beats a good ole
fashioned classic horror film riffing, and with that in mind they’ve
been teaming up with Fathom Events for RiffTrax Live! Taking on classic cheese-fests like Plan 9 From Outer Space and Reefer Madness, these live riffing events have found great success in theaters across the nation.

We here at CHUD are happy to bring you their next RiffTrax Live! event, which takes place at the end of the month and celebrates the classic House on Haunted Hill

NCM Fathom and the stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000 invite you to a haunted house party like none you’ve ever experienced. RiffTrax own Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett will be back for an evening of hilarious riffing on the horror classic House on Haunted Hill!
On Thursday, October 28, the guys treat this Vincent Price classic to
their signature brand of rapid-fire comedy. Comedian Paul F. Tompkins
will join the guys as a guest riffer on a classic, never-before-seen

theater audiences will receive FREE digital goodies after the event. A
URL will be revealed on-screen during the event so you can logon and
receive your free digital goodies!

event will be broadcast live to movie theaters nationwide on October 28
at 8:00pmET / 7:00pmCT / 6:00pmMT and 8:00pmPT (tape delay).

is sure to be a blast, and to countdown to the event CHUD will be
bringing you lots of special prizes between now and the 28th- Event
passes, RiffTrax DVDs,
and more! Visit the event page, grab your tickets, keep an eye on the
site for more information, and be sure to follow us on twitter to keep
up with contest announcements and more. (Atlanta area chewers can expect
a nice get-together for sure.)

Twitter: Nick | Renn