With the moving done the wife and I are currently farm sitting in Pontypridd. Said Welsh town is famous for two things. Firstly it is the birthplace of a little known singer called Tom Jones and secondly its where a huge chunk of the Russell T Davies era of Dr Who (and Torchwood) was filmed.*

We are here to Charity sit, which sounds a little odd but bare with me. My In Laws set up The Pit Pony Sanctuary  to look after Horses and Ponies that were used down the mines and/or have been mistreated. They do an amazing job with very little recognition and we try to help out whenever we can, little things like I do all the IT work** and look after the place from time to time.  Anyway if you want to know more here is the website…


My wife and brother in law grew up here and are proper country folk, which is what I thought I was till I started coming here, in comparison to them i am one of them city boys who don’t know one end of a cow from the other. However I try my best and hopefully am of some use while I’m here.

So this morning between the rain i went for a walk on the land and I have to admit I could feel stress I didn’t even know I had disappearing. Mind you that might have something to do with being presented with views like this.

or this

Even in the rain it’s the sort of place than can de-stress you and chill the mind out. Which is probably a good thing as I’m having surgery next week and recuperating here.

So this weeks blog is a bit of a short entry I’m afraid, it’s taken me three hours to write this much in between popping in and out to check on things. Which if I’m honest is not particularly good for helping keep your train of thought.

Anyway next week I shall be housebound and no doubt regale you with tales of my surgery or some such nonsense.

So until then in the words of Dave Allen***  “May whatever god you believe in, go with you.”

* And apparently still is; well Torchwood anyway.

** one of my jobs this week is to finish a Facebook page for the charity, I will, I promise.

*** One of the best Irish comics ever to pick up a microphone. If you haven’t heard his stuff  go rectify that now!