The Dark Knight Rises.

That’s the title of the new Batman film, says the LA Times’ Hero Complex. It’s also the title of half of the amateur Batman movies being made I’d guess. Followed by The Dark Knight’s Revenge, Alfred Goes Bananas, and Silent Dark, Deadly Knight.

It’s a title. I’ll give it that.

best reveal from their story is that The Riddler isn’t the villain.
This pleases me greatly, just so long as other dumb cartoony
villains like The Penguin, The Puddler, and Ol’ Sleepy Cheeks don’t show
their faces either. In my opinion the villains of the Batman universe
tend to be much more effective on Saturday Morning Cartoons than
onscreen and Nolan’s sober tone doesn’t lend itself to a place where a
fat ass with an umbrella can be considered a threat. I also hope
everyone realizes that Catwoman has been done to death. I also can’t
imagine a monster like Killer Croc or Man-Bat showing up, though if
dealt with seriously and with menace I could see them being a fun one
act distraction from the “A” plot.

In my mind, Nolan
has earned the right to do whatever he wants. He blew Tim
Burton’s entire take on the character away with the first half of Batman Begins and has only been raising his game since.

The Dark Knight Rises.

Yeah. It is a title. Can’t get much more excited than that about it.