UPDATE: Didn’t need a new article, but JoBlo scored the new motion poster for Tron, which you can see below. I expect there will be several more, so keep an eye out.

And I was trying so hard not to bust out another Tron headline. I can’t wait for the film to come out and the stories to relent (so that the same shit can start up with Batman 3 and Superman).

In any event, if you’d like to hear the Daft Punk track “Derezzed” for the upcoming Disney electronepic*, while seeing some footage and a taste of the duo’s cameo, check out the video below. I figured the fellas would fit in quite well, and it seems they do, slick high-key outfits and all. The video is mostly assembled from pieces that have long since emerged in the 14,000 trailers and TV spots, but there’s definitely new stuff for the keen eyed viewers. Also, Michael Sheen as Castor saying words! To Daft Punk! Beans that are cool.

If you’re a Daft Punk fan, first of all: good job. Secondly, you should take a look at my last Movie of the Day for their animated music video film Interstella 5555 which includes a handy flowchart to help you determine if the film is for you.

I hope Disney chills out for a couple of weeks after Tron Night this week. I can’t imagine they won’t have some last big huge push or stunt or gimmick, but fatigue has set in (excited though I am), and a month and a half is a long time.

* I would like to formally apologize to the word “electronic” for brutally gang-raping the shit out of it with puns. Counseling has been made available.