This is an extreme rumor at the moment, but a highly believable one: Blue Sky Disney dropped the news bomb earlier that Lucas is going to announce next month the 3D conversion of the Inadiana Jones films.

Last month came the news of Lucas’ intent to convert the Star Wars movies to the third dimension, so it was only a matter of time before he ran out of ideas and started looking at his other properties. So this news is not in the least bit surprising, and the idea of seeing the boulder chase from Raiders and the rail-car scene from Temple in 3D is actually compelling. I hate to admit that.

Still, at what point does this 3D conversion trend run out of gas? If done right 3D is an amazing tool for filmmakers, and wonderful experience for we the audience – but there’s something… off about all of this Lucas stuff. There was a time when he was creating trends instead of following them, but granted those days have been over since the 1980’s at least.

The real question is when does he get around to converting Willow and Howard the Duck?